August 15, 2022


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I was a shopping addict & £18k in debt after buying clothes EVERY DAY – but I paid it all back thanks to ca… – The US Sun

<p>A mum of two has tprevious how she went from racking up almost £18,000 in debt in two yrs to now.......

A mum of two has tprevious how she went from racking up almost £18,000 in debt in two yrs to now being a full-time private finance weblogger, saving hundreds per yr using a moneyagain app.

Victoria Sully, 36 from Newquay, had a storeping behavior in her late teenagers that left her riddled with unpaid Financial institution automotived funds and virtually declapurple chapter On the age of 19.


Victoria virtually declapurple chapter at 19Cpurpleit: storeimmum


Victoria and her two youngstersCpurpleit: Shopmium

It wasn’t till she sat down with Residents Suggestion that she realized the damage of her behavior. The earlier store assistant then spent 5 yrs paying off her debt.

This lifetype overhaul utterly modified her angle, And she or he has now found moneyagain apps, like Shopmium, which have alone saved her and her husband over £4,000 in 5 yrs. 

The spfinisher turned saver is now a full-time weblogger and shares All Sorts of ideas and tips Collectively with her followers To assist them pinch pennies too. 

Victoria said: “As quickly as I exploitd to be 18, finally I exploitd to be main A life-type my store assistant wage On the time Might not afford. I went out halfying a quantity of occasions Every week, ran a automotive I didn’t Actually want, had extreme Mobile teletelephone funds And that I might buy new garments Every day. 


“Although I by no means truly labored out all …….