August 15, 2022


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‘Hero pay’ shows city’s spending addiction – Santa Barbara News-Press

Do You understand? Bonnie Donovan “Three teams spend completely diffelease people’s money: yo.......

Do You understand? Bonnie Donovan

“Three teams spend completely diffelease people’s money: youngsters, thieves, politicians.  All three want supervision.”
— Dick Armey

Osautomotive Gutierrez requested his fellow Santa Barbara Metropolis Council members to “be brave” as a Outcome of it takes A lot of gall To beat one’s pure aversion to spending completely diffelease people’s money This method — That is, for the non-emergency ordinance to require “hero pay” for grocery/drug retailer staff of chains with Greater than 300 staff nationwide.

“What distinguishes grocery and drug retailer staff over lots of of completely diffelease jobs the place people risked publicity By way of The peak months of the COVID-19 outbreak?”

The city Council designated solely retail staff of The huge grocery and drug retailers’ staff as heroes. By doing this, the council is mandating these employers pay these staff An further $5 per hour for 60 days. Inside the council’s selective thoughtsfulness of union donations, council members contrived to designate solely The staff of deep-pocketed employers — with unionized membership — as heroes By way of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why have been The staff of many regionally owned retailers, who Aren’t union staff, not thought-about heroes?

What occurred to employer/union negotiations?

This council is Hooked on spending completely diffelease people’s money. This complete topic is ancompletely diffelease event of overrevery by this council, Who’re eternally making really feel-good gestures, hoping there Will not be repercussions. Basically, the question is: By what authority has this council the authorized power to selectively impose wage modifications on companys with which it Does not do enterprise?

Now We’re punished with higher prices for meals And medicines Because of their awarding “hero pay” to their union supporters.

Where is the hero pay for the AMR ambulance service, the Santa Barbara Metropolis Hearth Division, the Santa Barbara Police Division, nurses, bus drivers, practice conductors, trash collectors? The itemizing goes on and on and is a Pandora’s Area. Particularly On this time of give-strategies.

Fourteen months later, why the push for the hero pay? Does our Metropolis Council On A daily basis stroll to the beat of ancompletely diffelease’s drum?

Since “We’re informed” That Is occurring in completely diffelease cities, Is that this why They’re following Ancompletely diffelease particular person’s pied piper? Where are the cas quickly aspts particular for our city? Why is our Metropolis Council so lackluster? 

What quantity of seats are up for election in November? Three Metropolis Council seats and the mightor. Doesn’t anyone Need to see change in our native authorities leaders? 

Didn’t the grocery retailers do somefactor and everyfactor They might to create a protected environment? They carried out distancing, cleansing, plexiglass shields, limiting clients and seniors’ hours, and so on. 

The grocery retailers have been already made targets of the Metropolis Council By Technique of the (stroll-amethod) Buying Cart Ordinance — one factor That might not The store’s fault, however as quickly as extra a fall out from the transient inhabitants and the Individuals with out automotives who should get their groceries house.

Really, Who’s promoting this?

It’s The identical Metropolis Council who furtherly requested for The general public Labor Settlement. Maintain in thoughts, city infrastructure contracts for over $5 million should use union labor. No natives want apply if not a union member.

Our Metropolis Council seems to be anti-company. We ask: What’s the distinction?

And our Metropolis Council used useful time and discourse to banter Regarding The state of affairs of the “State of the Metropolis” and the place It Might be held. Actually? It’s tragically laughable thOn the council Hung out on this.

The conventional sponsors of this venue have been pressured out by the mightor as she wants no contrihoweverions from any oil or gasoline companys. We should convey up thOn the Metropolis Council gave themselves their annual enhance all through COVID-19. Did they return their automotive allowance? Because they didn’t want any of that. All of them labored via webinar.

In the event that they’re so anti-gasoline and anti-oil, certainly, They want to refuse the transportation stipend and reimburse the city.

Mayor Cathy Murillo said that delivering the State of the Metropolis tackle in A particular venue is The biggest Outcome of the state of affairs. Dismissing the city’s regular sponsors as They’re tied to gasoline and oil?  She said, “It’s An alternative for us To join with the public particular personally.” She furtherly suggested “a Saturday morning or afternoon On the Carrillo Recreation Center or Cabrillo Pavilion, with Spanish translation and household nice with youngsters’s actions.”

We suspect It is a probability for a advertising campaign cease for the incumbent’s November election bid.

Think about The worth to lease the Cabrillo Pavilion for a advertising campaign event not sponsored by the taxpayers of Santa Barbara.

In the meantime, The federal authorities’s unemployment look ats are teaching the inhabitants To keep house, do nofactor and anticipate to be paid. Most companies have factors hiring Individuals who Need to work. 

Working event: Earlier to COVID-19, a properly-established Montecito restaurant would get a minimal of 20 inquiries in response To assist-wanted advertisements. That quantity took a dive after COVID and the hugesse of The federal authorities (Responsible for “sloths in teaching”). There Can be three responses, Ensuing In a single interview and somebody not displaying up after being provided a job. It seems $18 an hour is not worth getting off the couch and off The federal authorities dole.

Collectively, We’re in problem if That is the breeding floor for our workforce.

Metropolis Council members have said They’re discussing a Dwelling Wage Ordinance for the Metropolis. What Goes to That Seem as if if $18 an hour for a restaurant worker is not impetus enough to get off the couch and Return to work? 

A rethoughtser of the response to COVID and The want For particular personal defending gear. Direct Aid Worldwide despatched masks to China at China’s request. Gov. Gavin Newsom then purchased masks from China for $5 every.

Locally it was not our elected officers — Santa Barbara County Supervisors Gregg Hart and Das Williams, state Sen. Monique Limon, U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal And even the Metropolis Council — who provided the masks to the residents or staff of Santa Barbara. It was church teams and aged, stitching the masks and distrihowevering them to CHP, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the county and city staff, all Freed from cost.

Where was the city’s management all through COVID-19 Aside from A pair of orchestrated PSAs starring the mightor directed by the Police Division’s PIO, Anthony Wagner, on mortgage to Metropolis Hall?

Again, There’s an election in November. There Continues to be time to file papers for public office.

Have you ever heard The latest ruse? The advertisements starring typical celebrities like, J Low Low and Baby GaGa, and Bob De Niro promoting the “WELL Well being-Safety Seal Public Consciousness” advertising campaign?

This is designed to encourage patronizing “COVID-protected” companies Which have paid for the designation. Value is $2,730 to $12,600 Counting on the income and measurement of the enterprise.

To qualify for the designation Is anaemblemus as any regular county protectedty and health inspection. However, a look at Need to be written to the promoter, who has made $800 million So far Collectively with his revolutionary cas quickly aspt of a emblem.

By The biggest method, the inspection is self-regulating. It beats GoFundMe.

 “We contend that for a nation To purpose to tax itself into prosperity Is Sort of A particular person standing in a bucket and making an try to enhance himself up by the deal with.”  

— Winston Churchill