August 15, 2022


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City Council finalizes new Deputy Chief position for Lieut. Phil Watkins – HNN

<p>Placing Cabell Hospital staff and Particular Metals steelstaff gathered On the Huntington Metropo.......

Placing Cabell Hospital staff and Particular Metals steelstaff gathered On the Huntington Metropolis Council meeting Monday Evening time as council grappled with redistricting, easement modifications, A mannequin new police administration place and needle commerce opioid harm discount strategies. 

Council members Patrick Jones, Tia Rumbaugh and Bob Bailey spoke in strong and emotional time durations in assist of the striking union staff at Particular Metals and Cabell Hospital, using their time to plead with administration to return to the bargaining desk with equidesk contracts for the striking staff. Three striking staff addressed council all by way of public feedagain and about thirty strikers watched the session from the rotunda, typinamey cheering Rumbaugh, Jones And notably Bob Bailey’s feedagain in assist of native well being and industrial staff’ considerations. 

After An in depth attraction by public well being officers and the Mayor, Metropolis Council voted to approve a license for the Cabell County Health Dehalfment’s harm discount (needle commerce) program, as required beneath A mannequin new state regulation.

Mayor Steve Williams renameed “Inside the summertime of 2014, I noticed that Huntington had an behavior opioid and crime disaster, And completely different people Did not really feel protected Of their neighborhoods.” He said that it made him “bodily sick to state that Huntington was ‘the opioid behavior center of the nation’ — however Do You’d like to identify it, You will Have The power To return clear with it, After which you undoubtedly’ll Have The power To deal with it.” He renameed organizing a city office of Drug Management Coverage which urged him to make use of “harm discount, proof based mostly strategies,” collectively with a contentious needle commerce program. Mayor Williams said that his preliminary response was “There’s not a method in Hades That is going …….